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We place an emphasis on scientifically backed learning methods. We research the latest developments in education and learning and encourage our tutors to do the same. We also have a blog set up with all our articles freely available.

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When contacting an agency, everything becomes more personal. You get to have a real conversation and express exactly what you need instead of ticking pre set boxes. What that means is you get a tutor based off not just your child’s location and subject, but also the personality of your child.

Not only that, but with directories and listings, you’ll often have to pay a heavy fee before you even get to contact your chosen tutor, and if the pairing isn’t successful then you have to repeat the process with another tutor. In agencies, you pay as you go, never having to provide upfront fees, and if you aren’t happy with your tutor, you can generally switch to a new one at no extra cost.

The problem with most agencies is they charge exorbitant fees. As a small agency, we don’t need to cover large management and marketing costs, so we can operate on much smaller margin. As a result we can also afford to recruit higher quality tutors, enabling you to get the best investment for your child while helping you save when you switch to us.

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safety first

We take your childs safety very seriously at tutr. We don’t just make sure our tutors have DBS checks, we personally interview them to check they’re likeable as well as knowledgeable. We’re also registered with the ICO to comply with the Data Protection Act, so you know your child’s data is secure.

great minds think alike

Life can be hard as a student, sometimes you just need someone you can relate to. That's why we focus on getting tutors who're still in further education. What this means is that our tutors can still understand your childs journey, and nurture it with patience, persistence and curiosity.

your opinion matters

We're always keen to make sure our tutors are constantly at their best, to do this we ask for specific feedback from both students and parents after every term, this is used to improve our services and helps us reward the best in our tutors.

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a group effort

Unlike traditional agencies, we pro-actively seek work for our tutors, exclusively matching them by student needs and location ensuring that tutors are employed by suitability, not just chance.

Also -unlike self employed tutors- payment is guaranteed monthly even when there are outstanding invoices from clients. So working here means you'll never have to worry about that paycheck.

the best and brightest

Here at tutr. we personally interview all our tutors and only select candidates from Londons top Universities, making sure our tutors are always approachable, likeable and totally enthusiastic about their subject.

Private tuition can also be a lonely business on your own. To help with this we like to regularly meet up with our tutors for social events and make sure they have support for each student they take on.

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